Our services

Customization & Integration 

The design of our solutions makes it flexible and relatively easy to extend. ChemicaSoft provides services to customize our solutions to your specific organisational needs. We can also to integrate our solutions with your existing systems to work seemlesly with your current data. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Additional Module Development

ChemicaSoft can develop additional features or modules. ChemicaSoft's library of reusable code enables fast and effective development of reliable web applications. 

The FREE Online version 

The Online version contains the complete feature set for your pre-purchase trial and evaluation. This online version can be used freely via an individual logon which enables data to be entered in a private environment only visisble to the user.

ChemicaSoft is committed to continuously improve our solutions and will respond to your requests and feedback.

Please contact us to enable your login.

Our Development Approach

Our solutions are flexible and easy to extend because it has been developed in a modular fashion.
Our library of reusable modules enables fast and effective development of reliable web applications.