The software solution for Food, Flavour, Fragrance and Formula based industries:
Automation º Collaboration º Regulatory Compliance
Rubyfood - the R&D and Manufacturing software for the food industry, is a powerful suite of software tools which empower food manufacturers to increase productivity, maintain consistency, control Quality and reduce a whole range of overheads. This suite of tools for the Food industry provides the  following benefits: 
  • Collaborative Environment - CRM, R&D, Supply chain and Production.
  • Quality Assurance - Complete traceability of every lot, Process support (NCR, Checklists), Customizable QC properties.
  • Regulatory and Compliance - Nutrition calculator, Allergen labeling and control, Halal, Kosher, GMO, Vegan support, Ingredient declaration
  • Cost effective, Simple and Reliable  More >>
RubyF&F for the Flavour & Fragrance industry is a powerful suite of software tools that empowers Flavour & Fragrance manufacturers to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction through automation, collaboration and advanced regulatory support. 

RubyF&F offers the following benefits:
  • Collaborative Environment - Project tracking/CRM, R&D, Supply chain and Production.
  • Advanced Formula Management 
  • Product management and profiling
  • Customer brief management 
  • Advanced Application Test Modules
  • Regulatory documentation such as MSDS (GHS, CLP, OSHA, NOHSC, etc), EU Allergen, IFRA compliance check, Nutrition calculator, etc
  • Raw material database to track JECFA, CAS, FEMA, nutrition, hazards, etc 
  • Supply chain & manufacturing
  • Product and raw material Batch tracking with QCAnalysis,  documentation (CoAs, etc) and label generation.
  • Quality Assurance - Complete traceability of every lot.
  • Highly configurable.

About ChemicaSoft

ChemicaSoft develops secure management software, designed specifically for manufacturers of formula or recipe based products enabling manufacturers to streamline, automate and track both production and R&D tasks.

ChemicaSoft - Regulation Support

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, our software enables management to reduce overheads, increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction. This fully scalable solution is easy to deploy and use.

Play VideoGenerating IFRA compliance statements using ChemicaSoft