The Complete Flavour and Fragrance software solution


ChemicaSoft for Flavour & Fragrance, is a secure, web-based software solution encompassing Project Management, collaboration, R&D support, Supply chain & manufacturing, QC support, Nutrition Calculator, Allergen statements, MSDS generation, IFRA compliance certificate and more.   

This powerful suite of software tools empowers Flavour & Fragrance manufacturers to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction through automation, collaboration and advanced regulatory support. 

Read below for a brief description of each module

ChemicaSoft Modules and Solutions

  • Formula

    At the core of ChemicaSoft is the powerful, high security formula development module.  With special features to facilitate formulation entry based on desired PPM/PPB in end applications, easy tracking/linking where there are multiple formulations for a product to enable variable methods of manufacturing and multi-stage formulas (i.e. formula within a formula)  

  • Project

    ChemicaSoft's Project Management module is a powerful and efficient tool for the management and tracking of Customer briefs.  The secure, web-based system enables sales people to immediately enter Customer briefs from anywhere in the world, putting the project on the fast track to the technical team for sample selection or R&D work. ChemicaSoft Project enables Sales and management  to track the progress of briefs from technical (R&D) through to sample submissions, customer feedback, resubmissions (if required) and Wins. 
    Using the tool the Technical team manage and track their tasks and submissions,  collaborate with other team members involved in any given project, track product properties and record results from application technologists (internal tests). ChemicaSoft Project also facilitates the generation of  required documents (shipping documents, Product specs, MSDS, etc).
    The tool is highly role oriented so that each person sees only what projects and tasks he or she needs to edit or view. For instance technical team members use the "My Tasks" menu to see only their open tasks (creation, analytical, applications) that have been assigned to them across projects, hence giving a highly personalized and efficient view to work off.
    ChemicaSoft is designed to handle projects across multiple company sites/offices and is a highly efficient management and Collaboration tool custom-built to answer the unique needs of the flavour and fragrance industry.  

  • Products

    Whether your company has 100 or 1000 products, keeping track of product information is critical. ChemicaSoft Products module makes it easy by capturing the  profile and rating of your products, technical properties such as refractive index, conduct standard application tests, etc. The module is easy to search and and assists 'samplers' to quickly make the right submission. 

  • Applications

    Often customers want to see your product in real application. ChemicaSoft allows you to track application formulations, trial results and submission feedback. ChemicaSoft also allows you to perform standard tests on your products to profile and rate them internally for easy search.  

  • Quality Control

    ChemicaSoft provides complete traceability of every raw material lot thereby enabling targeted product recall if required.
    For every batch of raw material purchased ChemicaSoft allows you to track the supplier details of that batch, QC data and generate relevant labels and documents.
    For each product batch manufactured, ChemicaSoft facilitates the tracking of Quality control data, and generation of certificate of analysis and other regulatory documents for the batch.  

  • Raw Material

    ChemicaSoft comes preloaded with 1000+ Aroma chemicals providing key data like FEMA, CAS, legal status, etc. ChemicaSoft can also integrate with the USDA database of some 6000+ ingredient and nutrients. ChemicaSoft supports for data to be imported from  HSIS database, IFRA and the EU Allergen database which includes allergens present in oils, etc. For companies already having existing aroma chemicals in their system, migration to ChemicaSoft involves a simple RM code mapping between the systems.

  • Regulatory

    Save time and increase compliance using ChemicaSoft's regulatory module to generate regulatory documents with a single click. ChemicaSoft auto scans formulations to generate accurate, compliant documents such as Product specifications, Ingredient declarations, Nutrition statements, MSDS, EU allergen declarations, IFRA, Food allergen statements, Custom declarations (that allow you to setup your own rules), Label generations,  etc. ..

  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing

    ChemicaSoft's Supply Chain CapabilitiesChemicaSoft offers a comprehensive and integrated software solution for the whole sales cycle and supply chain, right from management of customer briefs, through to manufacturing, processing and shipping of commercial orders.
    Implementation of this integrated solution offers many advantages over a ‘multi-software product’ environment. Expensive integration between separate CRM, R&D and ERP tools can be avoided and the efficiency of collaboration/team work is greatly enhanced by ChemicaSoft’s workflow and automation features. The need for repetitive data entry tasks is also removed thereby increasing team productivity and reducing costs. For example, customer details entered by the sales team and product details entered by the R&D team don’t have to be re-entered when a related purchase order is received.
    ChemicaSoft's solution with respect to Supply Chain and manufacturing management include:
    • Complete traceability of raw materials and products
    • Intelligent tools for material requirements planning (MRP)
    • Purchase order processing and complete raw material tracking and documentation from receipt, through QC to inventory, consumption in production etc.
    • Manufacturing tools including batch sheets generation, production scheduling and tracking.
    • Inventory tracking and costing
    • Streamlined Sales Order processing and shipping
    • Collaborative environment for smooth, effective teamwork
    • Inventory and Sales Reporting tools
    • Documentation and labeling
    Effective supply chain management involves optimizing stock levels to maximize customer value whilst minimizing overstock wastage. ChemicaSoft provides intelligent tools to help analyse your material requirements, plan and execute purchasing to avoid shortages.
    ChemicaSoft provides a comprehensive solution for invoicing, shipping and regulatory documentation. However it is not an Accounting package. Our team offers quality integration services, so your choice of accounting software can be integrated with ChemicaSoft. 

  • Customize

    ChemicaSoft can be used independently or integrated with an existing formula or inventory management system. The ChemicaSoft team is also able to provide integration and migration services to import your existing data into ChemicaSoft.  We can also provide services to modify or add new modules to suit your organizations specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Evaluate the FREE ChemicaSoft Online version 

    The ChemicaSoftOnline version we host is production grade with the complete feature set.  This enables you to trial the software before you decide to buy licenses for your organization.

    The ChemicaSoft development team is committed to continuous improvement by responding to feedback from existing customers, and also those evaluating the free online version.

    By registering for using ChemicaSoft, you acknowledge that In no event shall ChemicaSoft be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from its use.  Please register here to obtain your login.

Features at a Glance 

  • Advanced Formula Management 
  • Product management and profiling
  • Customer brief management 
  • Collaboration between Sales, technical, logistics, etc.
  • Advanced Application Test Modules
  • Regulatory documentation such as MSDS, EU Allergen, IFRA compliance check, Nutrition calculator, etc
  • Product and raw material Batch tracking with QC Analysis,  documentation (CoAs, etc) and label generation
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Raw material database to track JECFA, CAS, FEMA, nutrition, hazards, etc 
  • Integrates with USDA  ingredients database, IFRA regulation databse, etc.
  • Highly configurable



Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, ChemicaSoft is a one-stop solution that is fully scalable. The software is powerful, yet easy to deploy and use.